Local producer, global partner

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Great Traditions

The company OLLE SVENSSON AB was established in 1945,
with its core business in the berry industry and with its heart in Scandinavia. Since the beginning there has been a steady economic growth and through inventive developments and acquisitions, the company is today market leader in many segments and supply most berries from several countries.
Through the use of advanced technology, large storage capacity and the highest certification standards, we have removed wild berries from the list of seasonal products. We offer first class IQF berries all year round, wild and cultivated, conventional and organic. Origin and full traceability is always presented.

Our collection plants and factories are situated both close to the collection of the berries and production logistically right for our customers.

Modern technology and certifications

Olle Svensson AB is a leading wholesaler of wild berries in Sweden, and supply customers as well as partners all over the world.
During a short and intensive season, thousands of pickers gather tens of thousands of tons of berries each season, which must be frozen, cleaned and stored.
We are BRC certified, a requirement by more and more industry clients. We meet our domestic and foreign customers CSR and ecological certifications.
We help push the industry to focus more on social and ethical responsibility.
Barnsupporter Företag Webbknapp

Bos Agro Food

Leader on raspberries and blackberries Bosnia and the whole Balkan region is probably the best region for cultivation of Raspberries and blackberries as well as most other berries.
Bos Agro Food, our daughter company has its own cultivations and buy from local cooperatives.

Bos Agro Food has been active in Bosnia since 2002 and have
been building up the local berry agriculture close to our factory by providing plants to farmers and then buying the crop. Bos Agro Food today has over 100 employees in the production to freeze, clean and package the cultivated and wild berries.

Of course, we have the same stringent quality specifications as our Scandinavian plants.